The Board Of Trustees

Spenden & Helfen

The Board Of Trustees

Peter Breuer, chairman of the board of trustees, is the first son of the founder, Hans Breuer, and his wife, Ilse Breuer, and was born on 30.10.1948 in Neu-Isenburg. He is married and has one child. Peter Breuer is an independent businessman.

Dr. Claus Dieter Bauersfeld, born on 05.03.1947 in Gelnhausen, is a specialist in general medicine in Bad Orb, in the Spessart region. He studied medicine in Frankfurt am Main and in the USA. His work focuses on Immunology and Travel Medicine.

Stefan Breuer was born on 12.07.1957 in Neu Isenburg, he is the second son of Hans and Ilse Breuer. He is married and has five children. Stefan Breuer currently lives and works in Switzerland, as an independent businessman.

Peter Prentzel was born in 1941 in Frankfurt am Main. Until December 2004, he was the spokesman for the management and shareholders of a German special funds company with international stockholders. He has 40 years experience in banking and was amongst others responsible for the management of the Frankfurt branch of the Dresdner Bank and managing director of Dresdner Bank Investment Management Capital Company (DBI).

Professor Doctor of Science Christian Haass was born on 19th December 1960. He holds a chair in Metabolic Biochemistry at the Adolf Butenandt Institute of the Ludwig Maximilians University in München. Professor Haass is a member of various scientific organisations and has been distinguished with numerous scientific awards. His work represents today an essential basis for treatment approaches in Alzheimer’s disease. His research focuses on molecular biology for Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases.

Professor Dr. Christoph Hock was born on 2nd November 1961 in München. He is today the Co-Director and Head Physician of the Department for Psychiatric Research at the Psychiatric University Hospital in Zürich. Professor Hock is a member of various scientific organisations, the publisher of scientific journals and has received significant awards for his work. His research focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, immunotherapy, biomarkers, genetics, neuroimaging, human memory and the care of patients affected by dementia.