Application criterias for doctorates

Spenden & Helfen

Alzheimer Sponsored Scholarship

Sponsored projects will be carried out in a German research institution. Potential topics involve basic research of Alzheimer’s disease and similar age-related diseases, clinical research and health services research including the creation of innovative  health care concepts. The scholarship addresses students of natural sciences like biology, biochemistry or chemistry as well as human and veterinary medicine.


Nature And Amount Of Scholarship

The scholarship is initially granted for a period of 12 months and may be usually extended upon request by 12 months. Upon request with justification it may be further extended for another 12 months. The maximum duration for sponsorship is therefore 36 months.

The scholarship consists of a monthly basic amount of Euro 1,700, if the requirements set out in the authorisation letter are met, plus a yearly lump sum up to Euro 1,000 which can be used for books and expenses related to conferences and travel.

When accepting a scholarship, the scholarship holder agrees,

  • To concentrate his/her work on the studies and work plan described for the project;
  • To take on no gainful employment – with the exception of occasional, marginal income up to Euro 150 per month;
  • That the Foundation be mentioned in the acknowledgement of all scientific works by the scholarship holder, and that unsolicited reprints of this work may be given to the Foundation;
  • To submit at the end of the sponsorship by the Foundation an evaluative final report with the advisory opinion of the doctoral adviser/supervisor. These reports will be published by the Foundation in the annual report. Furthermore, an abstract will be published on the Foundation´s website.

Moreover, the scholarship holder agrees to inform the Foundation without delay, if

  • The sponsored project is interrupted, modified, cancelled, prematurely finished or if the doctoral adviser/supervisor has changed;
  • He/she is awarded contributions from third parties for his/her scientific activity or if, with his/her approval, he/she gets economic gain from a third party for the sponsored study project;
  • He/she has made a further application for a grant of a scholarship or has already received a scholarship:
  • Changes occur in his/her personal situation, which are significant to the scholarship.

Application Process

Applications must be submitted in English, electronically or by post, in duplicate, to the Board of Trustees of the Foundation by 31st July of each year (info[at]

The application consists of:

  • CV
  • Title and summary of the sponsored project (1 page, 34 lines)
  • Description of the sponsored project: formulation of the problem, current research situation, own previous achievements, objectives, methods and anticipated timetable
  • Summary of diploma thesis (1 page, 34 lines)
  • List of publications (if available)
  • Reason in selecting the host laboratory
  • Advisory opinion of the manager of the host institute
  • Opinion of the thesis supervisor
  • Copies of certificates (High School as well as University)
  • A legally signed declaration to show that the statements made by the applicant are correct and that he agrees to immediately inform the Foundation of any changes.

Award Of Sponsoring

The Board of Trustees of the Foundation assesses the applications received and decides of the award of scholarship. The award is made without possibility of recourse to legal action.