Application criterias for doctorates

Please note: The decision on whether research scholarships or research awards will be granted for this year will bei made by May 2019.

Please do not send appilcations prior to this time.

Alzheimer Sponsored Scholarship

Sponsored projects will be carried out in a German research institution. Potential topics involve basic research of Alzheimer’s disease and similar age-related diseases, clinical research and health services research including the creation of innovative  health care concepts. The scholarship addresses students of natural sciences like biology, biochemistry or chemistry as well as human and veterinary medicine.


Nature And Amount Of Scholarship

The scholarship consists of a monthly basic amount of Euro 1,700, if the requirements set out in the authorisation letter are met, plus a yearly lump sum up to Euro 1,000 which can be used for books and expenses related to conferences and travel.

The scholarship is initially granted for a period of 12 months. The scholarship will be extended by 12 months upon application. Please contact us no later than 6 weeks before the end of your first year by phone or by email. There is no justification required. At the end of the second year, the scholarship can be extended for a further 12 months upon application under two conditions:

  1. The doctorate should be completed in the third year.
  2. The current research results should indicate the conclusion that the dissertation provides significant contribution to the study of Alzheimer’s and similar diseases.

Please submit the application at least 2 months before the end of the second year. Please give reasons for the application. The application must be accompanied by a short status report (1 to 3 pages) showing the status of the research work. This includes the presentation of already achieved results and planned next steps. Further extensions are possible in exceptional cases only. They require an individual agreement.

Please note that for all renewals, the original conditions must still be fulfilled and the information obligations to the foundation have always been met.

When accepting a scholarship, the scholarship holder agrees,

  • to concentrate his workforce on the project described in your study plan,
  • not to take up a gainful employment – with the exception of occasional income up to 150 EUR monthly,
  • to mention the foundation in the acknowledgments of the thesis, and to send unsolicited reprints of the thesis to the board,
  • to mention the foundation on his own homepage (if existing), and to link the homepage to the foundation’s homepage,
  • to submit a judgmental final report with an expert opinion from the doctoral supervisor at the end. This report will be included in the annual report of the board of the foundation.

Moreover, the scholarship holder agrees to inform the Foundation without delay, if

  • the dissertation project is interrupted, changed, canceled or terminated in advance and if the doctoral supervisor changes,
  • the scholarship holder is rewarded by third parties for his scientific work or when he receives an economic gain out of the funded thesis project,
  • the scholarship holder has applied for a different scholarship or already received money out of a different scholarship,
  • there are changes in his personal circumstances that are relevant to the scholarship (such as new place of residence, different banking account, change of marital status, birth of a child).

Download Scholarship Information (PDF document, 613.7 KB)


Application Process

Applications must be submitted in English, electronically or by post, in duplicate, to the Board of Trustees of the Foundation by 31st July of each year (

Download Application Criteria (PDF document, 601.9 KB)


Award Of Sponsoring

The Board of Trustees of the Foundation assesses the applications received and decides of the award of scholarship. The award is made without possibility of recourse to legal action.


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