Katrin Strecker

Spenden & Helfen

Curriculum vitae

Name Katrin Strecker
Place of Birth Heilbronn-Neckargartach, Germany
Date of Birth August 20, 1985
10/2010 - present Ph.D. with Prof. Dr. Dr.h.c. Christian Haass at the Adolf-Butenandt-Institute and DZNE, Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich.
09/2009 - 06/2010 Master's thesis: "Investigation of the neuronal functions of the kinase S6KII in Drosophila melanogaster" with Prof. Dr. Thomas Raabe (mark: 1,0).
02/2009 - 06/2009 Internship at the University of Edinburgh/Scotland about "How do dendritic cells multitask in the face of stimulation by diverse pathogens?"
10/2008 - 07/2010 Postgraduate studies on Biomedicine at the Julius-Maximilians-University of Würzburg, Master of Science (mark: 1,0).
04/2008 - 07/2008 Bachelor's thesis: "The impact of differential surface glycosylation on the functions of dendritic cells" with Prof. Dr. Manfred Lutz, mark: 1,0.
10/2005 - 07/2008 Studied Biomedicine at the Julius-Maximilians-University of Würzburg, Bachelor of Sciences (mark: 1,6).

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