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Nature And Allocation Of The Award

The Alzheimer Research Award is presented yearly or at the latest every two years by the Hans und Ilse Breuer Foundation.

Scientists will be distinguished for their excellent works in the field of Alzheimer Research, Dementia Research and Research in similar age-related diseases.

The award amounts to Euro 100,000 and is to be freely used by the winner within the scope of its research work. The Alzheimer Research Award may be allocated to several persons.


Guidelines For Use

The funds are to be used for the study of Alzheimer’s disease and other age-related diseases. They can therefore be freely used in conjunction with equipment, personnel, expenses or conference travels (according to the provisions of the Federal Travel Act). After a period of three years, the winner shall submit an abstract for publication on the Foundation´s website.

The funds are managed by the scientific institution where the winner works. A statement of use of the award funds needs to be presented to the Foundation after each calendar year. After a period of three years, funds that have not been used are reimbursed.

When accepting the award, the winner agrees that the Foundation be mentioned in the acknowledgement of all scientific publications, which arise from this funding, and that unsolicited reprints of this work may be given to the Foundation.


Eligibility Requirements

The award is available to scientists in Germany, or may be given German scientists abroad if they intend to return to Germany. There is only one promotion. Only in rare and substantiated occasions may a research project be resubmitted after six years.


Application Process And Allocation Of Promotion Services

May apply for the Research Award scientists who work in the field of Alzheimer’s research, dementia research and research in similar age-related diseases.

Applications must be electronically submitted in English to the Board of Trustees of the Foundation by 31st July of each year (info[at]

An application consists of:

  • Summary of own scientific contribution to research (max. 3 pages with 34 lines)
  • CV
  • List of publications
  • Selection of five best publications
  • Description of proposed research projects (max. 3 pages with 34 lines)
  • A legally signed declaration to show that the statements made by the applicant are correct and that he agrees to immediately inform the Foundation of any changes.

The Scientific Advisory Board of the Foundation screens all incoming applications, assesses them first on their own and then compares them with one another.
The Scientific Advisory Board consists of both scientists from the Board of Trustees (permanent members) and of the respective winner(s) from the previous year. Unless the Board deems it necessary, individual applicants can forward at least two international experts opinion for appraisal.

The Scientific Advisory Board of the Foundation can also nominate candidates for the Research Award. Like the candidates who have applied by themselves for the Research Award, nominated candidates will be assessed on their scientific performance and per international standards.

From all the applications and nominations, the Scientific Advisory Board will make a recommendation to the Board of Trustees of the Foundation as to the next winner(s). The final decision on the award is left to the Board of Trustees. The award is made without possibility of recourse to legal action.


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