Prof. Dr. Harald Steiner

Spenden & Helfen

Curriculum vitae

Name Prof. Dr. Harald Steiner
Place of birth Stuttgart, Germany
Date of birth 05.02.1965
since 2007 Apl. Professor of Biochemistry at the LMU München 
seit 2007 Akademischer Oberrat at the Adolf- Butenandt- Institute of the LMU München
2003-2007 Akademischer Rat at the Adolf- Butenandt- Institute of the LMU München
2002 Habilitation at the LMU München
1999-2003 Wissenschaftlicher Assistent at the Adolf- Butenandt- Institute of the LMU München
1996-1999 Postdoctoral scientist at theZI Mannheim, Department of Molecular Biology, University of Heidelberg
1996 Doctorate (Dr. rer nat.) at the LMU München
1992 Degree (Dipl.-Chem.) at the University of Stuttgart

Project description

g-Secretase is one of two proteases responsible for the generation of the Alzheimer´s disease causing amyloid b-peptide (Ab).Understanding the precise mechanism of Ab generation is crucial for drug targeting the disease.

The Alzheimer Research Award of the Hans and Ilse Breuer Foundation strongly supports our research activities on an in-depth functional and structural characterization of g-secretase. This ambitious project concentrates on the purification of g-secretase and the analysis of its molecular architecture, on the role of modulatory interactors of g-secretase, such as CD147 and TMP21, on the identification of additional g- secretase modifiers, on the identification and characterization of g-secretase substrate and modulator binding sites, as well as on g-secretase subunit structure-function analyses.


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