Prof. Dr. Ralf Baumeister

Spenden & Helfen

Curriculum vitae

Name Ralf Baumeister
Date of birth 01.09.1961
since 2007 Director of LIFENET at FRIAS - Freiburg Institute for Advanced Studies
since 2007 Director of Institute of Biology III, University of Freiburg
since 2005 Director of ZBSA (Center for Systems Biology), University of Freiburg
since 2004 Work package coordinator, EC integrated Project APOPIS
since 2003 Professor (C4, since 2006 W3) in Bioinformatics and Molecular Genetics, Univ. of Freiburg, since 2006 also member of the Medical Faculty leader, Institute for Molecular Biology, University of Zürich
since 2003 Edit. Board, various Neurol. journals, Sci Adv. National Contest f. Life
2002-2003 Professor (C3) in Biochemistry, Medical Faculty, LMU Munich
1996-2000 Group leader in Neurogenetics, Genzentrum, LMU Munich
1992-1995 Research Fellow, Harvard Medical Scholl and Mass. General Hospital, Boston, USA

Project description


"Systems biology approach to link ageing and neurodegenerative diseases"

Research focus (shortlist)

Insulin signalling, stress response and aging, genes associated with (neuro-) degenerative diseases and protein turnover (Alzheimer, Parkinson, muscular dystrophies), transcriptional regulation.


Selected publications

Tullet, J.M.A., Hertweck, M. An, J.H., Baker, J., Oliveira, R, Baumeister, R., and Blackwell T.K. (2008) Direct inhibition of the longevity promoting factor SKN-1 ba Insulin-like/DAF-2 signaling in C. elegans. Cell, 132, 1025-1038.
Baumeister, R., Schaffitzel, E., and Hertweck, M. (2006) Endocrine signaling in Caenorhabditis elegans controls stress response and longevity. J. Endocrinology 190, 191-202.
Springer, W., Hoppe, T., Schmidt, E., Baumeister R. (2005) A Caenorhabditis elegans Parkin mutant with altered solubility couples a-synuclein aggregation to proteotoxic stress, Human Mol. Genet. 14, 3407-3423.
Croce, A., Cassata, G., Disanza, A., Gagliani, M.C., Tacchetti, C., Malabarba, M.G., Carlier, M.-F., Scita.G., Baumeister, R. and Di Fiore, P.P. (2004) A novel actin barbed end-capping activity in EPS-8 regulates apical morphogenesis in intestinal cells of Caenorhabditis elegans. Nature Cell Biol., 6, 1173-1179.
Hoppe, T., Cassata, G., Barral, J.M., Springer, W., Epstein, H.F., and Baumeister, R. (2004) Regulation of the Myosin-Directed Chaperone UNC-45 by a Novel E3/E4-Multiubiquitylation Complex in C. elegans. Cell, 118, 337-349

Hertweck, M., Göbel, C., and Baumeister, R. (2004) C. elegans sgk-1 is the critical component in the Akt/PKB kinase couples to control stress response and life span. Dev. Cell, 6, 577-587.
Lakowski, B., Eimer, S., Göbel, C. Böttcher, A., Wagler, B, and Baumeister R. (2003) Suppression of Caenorhabditis elegans presenilin sel-12 by mutations in two C2H2 Zinc finger proteins. Development, 130, 2117-2128.
Eimer,.S., Lakowski, B., Donhauser, R., Baumeister R., (2002) Loss of spr-5 bypasses the requirement for the C. elegans presenilin sel-12 by derepressing hop-1. EMBO J. 21(21,) 5787-5796
Steiner, H., Kostka, M., Romig, H., Basset, G., Pesold, B, Hardy, J., Capell, A., Meyn, L., Grim, M.G., Baumeister, R., Fechteler, K., and Haass, C. (2000) Glycine 384 is required for presenilin-1 function and is conserved in bacterial polytopic aspartyl proteases. NATURE Cell Biol., 2(4), 848-851
Wittenburg, N., Eimer, S., Lakowski, B., Röhrig, S., Rudolph, C., and Baumeister, R. (2000) Presenilin activity is required for proper neuron morphology and function in C. elegans. NATURE, 406, 306-309
Capell, A., Steiner, H., Romig, H., Keck, S., Baader, M., Grim, M. G., Baumeister, R., and Haass, C. (2000). Presenilin1 differentially facilitates endoproteolysis of the ß-amyloid precursor protein and Notch. NATURE Cell Biol., 2(4), 205-211.


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